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grado has been working on telling humanistic stories through our products, or encouraging stories to happen with our products. Our brand’s responsibility and care focus so much on feminism and empowered women.


Scroll down to discover grado’s stories with female artist and our feminism statement-making product:


Mika Ninagawa is a marvelous multidisciplinary Japanese artist who works in photography, film, and interior design. She has been known for her brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish, and landscapes.

In her exhibition of Floral Wonderland in Hangzhou, China, grado offered our Every Chair and Bend Chair as part of the curating design.



grado product: Every Chair(click to explore more)


Bathed in the dreamlike vivid colors, a purely white Every Chair with its streamlined silhouette made a disparate visual impact in the Liquor Dreams display, while Bend Chair perfectly echoed the distinct and vibrant aesthetic of Ninagawa’s photography works. From both ends of the stick, grado had taken the role to elevate the exhibition space, as well as preparing the visitors a perfect shooting spot.



grado product: Bend Chair


grado was with Mika Ninagawa for her pursuit on observing, deliberating, and expressing women’s desires and strengths. Her works of extravaganza is a bold calling about women’s exploring deeper and deeper into and staying true to oneself.




grado supports a new arrival shooting by FoundDai, the Chinese womenswear designer brand run by businesswomen, with our Contract Collection product, Belly Lounge Chair. Female designer Lava Luo made Belly Lounge Chair her statement against body shaming.



grado product: Belly Lounge Chair(click to shop)


Fashion magazines, social media, and commercials co-ingrain a toxic beauty standard on one’s mind and in the social norms. Body shaming has included criticisms and judgement of both being “too fat” and “too skinny”. Leaning back on the Belly Lounge Chair with chubby-belly seating and skinny-leg frame means pressing on the shaming jokes with your own weight and power. The comfort of self-esteem and softness of self-love are much more important than the conventional notions of beauty.



grado speaks for empowered women to fight against all sorts of unreasonable shames, especially those of one’s physical appearance.


grado believe that though feminism and gender equality are hard to achieve, every bit deserves our efforts.



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