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Omelette Lounge Chair

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Omelette Lounge Chair

Regular price $1,086.00
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 retro accent chairs

Design Inspiration

Omelette is a contemporary-styled lounge chair, paying homage to the credo “form ever follows function”. It is equipped with a goose-down padded leather seat and a smooth mirror-finished steel base. The composure, generated by metallic luster and real leather, matches a rationally contemporary lifestyle. 


Sisi Hong 


GENUINE LEATHER MATERIAL - The first layer of cowhide is treated with antique grain, which is retro and elegant. The leather is soft and breathable without a peculiar smell and has antistatic and wear resistance characteristics. 

GOOSE DOWN FILLING - The inside is filled with 70% goose down, which is elastic and does not collapse after sitting for a long time, bringing ultimate comfort and a gentle wrapping feeling.

X-SHAPED HIGH-QUALITY METAL FRAME - Made of mirror-finished solid stainless steel, which is flexible, strong, and beautiful. There is a silent non-slip foot pad at the front of the tripod, which Increases friction and the sense of design.

105° BACKREST INCLINATION - After repeated experiments and tests, the designer finally determined that the backrest seat is at an angle of 105°, which ensures comfort and allows leisure reading.

6 - STAGE SUPPORT DESIGN - Adopts "hip-leg-waist-back-shoulder-neck" 6-stage support design, which fits the whole body and ensures better support and comfort.

EASY TO CLEAN - The soft cushion and frame are separated and can be easily disassembled for daily cleaning.

SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS SPACES - Perfect for balcony, living room, bedroom, office, and reception area.

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