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Salami Sofa / 3-Seater

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Salami Sofa / 3-Seater

Regular price $2,924.00
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Design Concept

The pipes are transformed into several down-lined cushions, giving the sofa a unique form, enveloping seating, and ergonomic support. The Salami Modular Sofa is an ode to craftsmanship, as every down-lined cushion is filled and shaped by experienced artisans. Salami has a slack shape, suiting bright and spacious spaces well.

Designer-Mia Yu 

Mia Yu graduated from Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major. Since joining grado in 2018, she has participated in developing many products. Mia proposes that design is to build an ideal relationship between humans and objects.

Soft And Comfortable Aesthetics

Every section of the sofa is fully stuffed, bringing a sense of security After many experiments, the comfortable seat surface and backrest shape curves were adjusted. Provide full support for legs, hips, waist, and back.

Soft And Enveloping Feeling

The armrests and seat cushions are covered with sections of soft covering strips Each section of the soft bag is made of 8cm high-resilience sponge and space cotton.

Super Soft Sitting Feeling

Under the three-dimensional and stylish appearance, the sitting feeling is very soft. High-quality internal materials ensure that the fat intestine sofa can sit for a long time without collapsing.

Natural Waist Support, No Pillow Required

Ergonomic design, the backrest curvature naturally fits the waist curve Provides soft and full support for the waist, with a full wrapping feel.

Large Particle Three-Proof Lambswool Fabric

Particles with a surface similar to wool balls Unique to the touch and visually very plush Three-proof treatment, waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof, you can use it with confidence even if it is white.

Front Mouth Retracted And Anti-kick Design

The retracted height of the base is 8cm, effectively preventing daily contamination.

The Back Is Also Beautiful

The back is also made of the same material, and the texture is fully presented. In the space integrating guest and restaurant, it can be used as a soft partition.

Split Design For Easy Entry

The modules are connected using mountain-shaped insert metal connectors Don’t worry about not being able to move into your home.