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Swell Sofa

Swell Sofa was inspired by Yuanbao, a shoeshaped coin from ancient China. This swell and chubby design implied a typical image of ancient China, and delivered sincere wishes of good luck.

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Salami Sofa

This is grado's brand-new attempt on crafts to upgrade both comfort and detail. After countless experiments and re-correcting, Salami Sofa ended up with a perfect choice for seating and leaning. Its rich details in design portray an impressive and elegant look, adding a luxurious ambience to any living space. It is easy to appreciate Salami Sofa's craftsmanship through its unique design of vertical bar backrest. This series includes Salami Sofa and Salami Bed.

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Leaf Barstool

The Leaf Series was inspired from how the fibre goes on a leaf.  The cover design translates the leaf fibre and texture into stitching decoration. The down and feather filling guarantee its seating comfort. This series includes Leaf Barstool and Leaf Chair.

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Mate Chair

The Mate Series, with its abstract design composed of straight lines and curves, perfectly meets the need of those who have a geometric aesthetically preference. Mate Chairs can be arranged together freely for use or decoration. The series includes Mate Chair and Mate Lounge.

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Belly Lounge Chair

The steel frame of Belly Lounge Chair was finally determined by grado R&D after 5proofing sessions and eliminating piles of plans. As a symbol of elegance, every angle of inclination is worthy of repeated deliberation.

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