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Product Description

*All the profits made by Hug Cushion will be devoted on the care and protection of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

April 2nd-World Autism Awareness Day. 

To Hold the Kids with ASD Close

To Show Our Awareness Of Autism

HUG CUSHION: to hold the kids with ASD close

grado is launching our non-profit new product, Hug Cushion, to show our awareness of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD). This special design was made with Xingchuangkeji Art Institute, which has been aiming to help relieve the ASD symptoms through art training and artistic creation. grado is devoting all its profits from Hug Cushion on the care and protection of children with ASD.

Do you have any idea that:

1 in 68 children has ASD in China.

1 in 160 children has ASD around the world.

They are never far from every single one of us, but we are all likely to ignore them, like we might indeliberately ignore other disabled people’s needs. People with ASD suffer from epilepsy, depression, anxiety, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, challenging behaviors such as difficulty sleeping, and self-injury. World Autism Awareness Day is internationally recognized and observed on every April 2nd to call for more attention and support to this group.


grado, a designing brand always delivering warm values through its products, made a revolutionary cooperation with Xingchuangkeji Art Institute. Though children with ASD are inclined to reject cuddles out of pathological reasons. “Hug”, as a significant form of endearment universal in most human communities, conveys a profound meaning of building up interpersonal connection, or emotional bonds.

grado’s designer Yonah Yu tried to design a cushion in the shape of two arms holding tight and two big hands, with patterns collected from 3 paintings of children with ASD. grado is launching this new product as a non-profit and devoting all its monetary gain to support the ASD patients.

Hug Cushion Inspiration:

  1. “Big Hands”: Translate the “big hands”into an abstract toss cushion in minimal design language, bringing about playfulness and warmth.
  2. Versatile Options: Serve as headrest, backrest, pillow, or toss cushion, meeting various needs.
  3. Unique Pattern: Collect unique printings from children with ASD, showing an odd but whimsical look. 

Common people would find it hard to communicate with one with ASD. Painting, however, might be the only smooth communicating tool for us to get a knowledge of what they’re thinking about, and how they understand the world. Without the barrier of language use, children with ASD could feel free to express themselves through artistic creation. While to see this odd but whimsical patterns on the Hug Cushion means to observe the world from a disparate vision of ASD. Instead of a physical hug, this artistic connection is more of a spiritual hug.

Disabled or not, we are all born to be equal, with equal dignity, equal rights, equal freedom to express, and equal value to be cared and loved. This is exactly what grado tried to convey in its Hug Cushion. All the profits made by this new product are promised to help the ASD patients in need.