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Product Description

Who can resist a rocking chair that looks serious but is actually fun and thoughtful?

Named for the metal side strips resembling "ramen noodles" Small in size, classic Bauhaus style, versatile in space

Cross-legged to read and code words, or shake gently when inspiration is blocked

A trace of peace of mind welled up.


Mia Yu


Kalimba Lounge Chair can rock with a little tap. Musical fun can flourish from that piece.

The Kalimba Lounge Chair is composed of three parts and a visible stainless steel bar. The clash of cold metal and warm upholstery gives off contemporary charm in the living space. The inward curling design invites anyone to have a seat.

The concave seat surface fully wraps the human body-
The concave seat surface brings a stronger sense of wrapping and fully relieves pressure, fitting every inch of the body.
3-stage backrest scientific waist support-
According to the principle of ergonomics, the mid-section design that fits the waist and back is added.
Kalimba Lounge Chair

Baby-grade environmental protection surface material
Skin-feeling shark silicone skin, wear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and cat-scratch-resistant.
Skin-friendly and antibacterial, passed the California TB-117 fire protection standard

Seiko's details are more attentive-

Manual folding traces are natural without sewing.

The seat surface pull wire makes the leisure chair more flexible.

Embellished with grado exclusive custom metal buckle

The bottom felt is silent and does not hurt the floor.

A variety of colors and styles to choose from




P2 Plywood+Pine Frame+High-Density Foam+High Resilience Foam+Custom logo buttons+Side metal strip+Metal base plate+Elastic Webbing+Felt mats+Upholstery Batting+Upholstery


Packaging: 1PCS/1CTN
Package: W1100*D880*H740
Assembled: no
Packing Materials: Carton