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Product Description

The Less sofa series is integrated into the home with modern and retro art and classic Bauhaus.
The design of the wind is versatile and attractive in the space, like a sculpture, full of artistic sense.
It comes with a movable armrest, which integrates fun into the sofa. If you are greedy for every moment of nestling on the sofa, leave the exhaustion of the day to the Less sofa.


Mia Yu


movable armrest -removable armrest bag
Place it freely, it can be used as an armrest or as a pillow.

sofa with back table-Narrow body shape, does not take up space, enhances taste The back of the 15cm+ sofa can be placed against the wall for decorative paintings, books, etc.

down cushion-Soft and comfortable, not afraid of bumps.

Sitting deep cross-legged is very useful-
With a sitting depth of 56cm, it is comfortable to sit cross-legged or take a short nap.

7:3 golden ratio down-
The backrest is soft and comfortable, wrapped around the backrest, the backrest is tilted at 108°, and the waist support is scientific

adjustable tripod

Non-slip breathable fabric on the back

High leg design, the sweeping robot can enter and exit freely


P2 Plywood+Pine Frame+High Resilience Foam+Goose Down Filling+PP Cotton/Polyester Fiber Filler+Muslin Fabric/Lining+Non-Woven Fabric+Upholstery Batting+Stainless steel frame+Ash Wood side panel+Upholstery

 Product Name Dimension (mm) Packaging Information
Less Sofa-G03 LES-SF-G03 Packaging: 1PCS/2CTN
Package 1:
Package 2:
Assembled: No
Packing Materials: Carton