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Product Description

The puff's fluffy taste and delicate shape bring a pleasant food experience
The all-round down package makes the shape more soft. Double-layer cushion = you can switch between sitting and lying down freely.
Paired with soft chenille fabric, it looks like a layer of icing on it.

The stepless folding angle of the backrest can be adjusted freely
You can freely adjust the angle of the backrest by lightly pressing it, and you can easily control it by leaning on it or lying down, effortlessly

Test report of the backrest mechanism: After 10,000 times of bending tests, the product functions normally and the test is qualified.

PS: The backrest is suitable for the human body to support and lean on,  suitable for sitting.

Double-layer -cushions to sit and lie freely The sofa becomes a bed, can sit and lie down

Small size can be used anywhere Small footprint, suitable for small spaces

No matter the space style, it can be placed anywhere

Living room/balcony/study/bay window... No matter where you put it, it goes well with cream style/modern style/wabi-sabi style. . . Simple design is easy to put

 6:4 golden ratio down package

It ensures that the sofa seat cushions and backrests are softer and more comfortable around the bag, with soft rebound.

The world recognized "golden down"

Made of natural Northeastern white goose feathers

Sofa interior structure

Comfortable seating depends on interior materials

Chenille fabric
Low-key luxury choice of chenille short velvet, comfortable to the touch
Reflective velvet feel under the light, low-key and luxurious.

Removable and washable design for easier care
The seat bags and pillows can be unzipped and the masks can be removed for cleaning. To ensure the stability of the color and size of the fabric, dry cleaning is recommended.

The armless design allows you to sit at 270°
There are no armrests on both sides, and you can sit on both front and sides, making you feel free and free. 

Comes with a practical pillow for extra comfort
Can be used as a lumbar pillow or head pillow, more than a little practical.

Fully soft-covered safety MAX Fully soft-covered design, covering the sofa in all directions to avoid kicking and bumping, making it safe for both adults and babies

The back is also beautiful. No matter how you place it, it looks good.
Beauty is not limited to a specific perspective
No matter how it is placed, simple lines can outline an elegant shape.

A variety of colors are available to meet various matching needs