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Square Cake Sofa

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Product Description

Square Cake Sofa was inspired from a traditional Chinese steamed cake popular among young kids. This sofa was designed to recall one's long-ago memories and the purely innocent happiness from childhood.

Square Cake Sofa is a perfect choice for snuggles and cuddles no matter who you are with -- your pet, your kid, your special someone, or just your soft and warm blanket.
Use it for a reading afternoon, or a movie night.


W100 D800 H710 mm


Dimensions: W1000 D800 H700 mm
Package Volume: 0.6168m3
Item Weight: 6.5 kg
Package: 1 PCS/Pack


Fabric:100% Polyester
Lining:100% Polyester
Filling:3.3kg EPS Beads; 2.3kg Shredded Foam

Care Instructions:

Washing Throw Pillows:
1. Remove the cover and wash the cover separately from the pillow.
2. Dry clean: Suggest to take to professional dry cleaners.
Machine wash: Machine-washable on delicate cycle.
Hand wash: Gently wash by hand in cold water.
3. Hang the cover up to dry in a well-ventilated area.
4. No bleaching.No sun exposure.
5. Do not use a dryer.


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